Your New GE Fridge could Have a KEURIG Coffee Maker in the Door


Posted by on February 20, 2015

I like to think I keep up with tech advances. Some of them are awesome, helping people in one way or another. Then there are new things that make me wonder.


I remember a kitchen range whose oven would bake according to a timer and then refrigerate the food after a predetermined time. Probably a small group that would appreciate this feature. I did admire the engineering that this machine would entail. Id hate to think what a repairman might face with one of these units somday.

This latest advance seems to be little more than someone having wrangled a coffee maker into the door of a fridge. But wait! There’s more!

You say you want wi-fi capability so you can use your phone to tell your new coffee maker in the door of your fridge what to do? well, it’s got that.

“Though I’ve surveyed smartphone consumers, and they asked me, ‘When can we cut out the middle man and just have a Keurig machine in our smartphone?’ “

If all of this has you ready to buy one, I am sorry; you’ll have to wait until fall 2015.That’s okay. It’ll give you time to save up the $3300 this machine will cost.

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